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New Album Fearless available for pre-order

2017-01-23 15:13:41


FEARLESS – Available for pre-order on Amazon!

Pride of Lions performs for New Lenox, IL

2012-09-15 00:02:55

Last weekend Pride of Lions was in New Lenox opening up for Styx – it was an amazing night for me and Pride of Lions. We hadn’t actually played in America since 2007 at Heritage Fest in Downers Grove! I saw a lot of growth in the band between then and now, a new spirit, a new energy. Toby’s singing better than ever and the crowd, of course, didn’t hurt – 6000 people to see Pride Of Lions – so we took advantage of Styx’s amazing audience. We played nothing but POL material – we decided to keep it pure POL and not pull out anything from my catalog with other bands. And it felt good. Mind you, it was a bit scary – I’ve always known that I could pull out “Eye Of The Tiger” or “Vehicle” and I could get the audience that way. But we got ’em with just POL songs! I kinda felt like I was in a brand-new band, like the early days with the Ides or Survivor, where nobody knew what we were playing but they were digging it anyway. And it was very gratifying.

For me, the high point of the set was “Delusional,” which is the first single off of the new album “Immortal” due out September 25th. A young girl named Maggie Perez is the star of the video – she’s the dreamer who plays “rock star” in front of her mirror, singing into a hairbrush. At the end of the video she comes out to join us, and that’s what we did on stage as well. Except at the very end, where I take one “Delusional!” and Toby takes the other, Maggie stepped right up and sang it herself and brought the house down! That was the biggest response we had for the whole set.

I’ve been out in LA this past week, writing with Mindi Abair and David Pack for a song on Mindi’s upcoming album, and then I joined in another Camp Jam and worked with the campers and dear friend Jeff Carlisi.

Next up is rehearsals for the big Lifeforce show at the Genesee Theatre on September 28th. This is going to be quite a show, with the Lifeforce band including Lisa McClowry, and special guests Mindi Abair, Steve Oliver, Casey Abrams, Marzette Griffith and Sijay.

Keep rockin’ — Jimbo

Delusional Video Now LIVE!

2012-09-14 22:21:35

Pride of Lions new video for “Delusional” is now live. Click on the image below to view it.